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Bagging that dream job

JAY Lara with wife Cathy and son Lucas

Jay Lara has a super cool job but, unfortunately, he can’t talk much about it. “The team I work with is focused on trying to make sure our secrets stay secret,” he said.

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Jay Lara’s city secrets

How I relax: We’re so blessed to have made a home in Northern California. The Bay Area is such a wonderful place to live.

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Falling Apple?


If you look closely, you see that the cover of “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” by Yukari Iwatani Kane (Harper Business, New York, 2014, 371 pages) features the extended shadow of Apple Inc.’s distinctive logo.

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Get the Young Blood 4 eBook!

The Young Blood 4 eBook will be available on Inquirer mobile apps for Apple and Android devices along with 60 other Inquirer newspapers, magazines and e-books. Go to inquirer.net/apps. The e-book is free for annual digital subscribers (print subscribers for at least six months get bundled digital access. Call 8966000 to inquire).

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Odd Jobs

He was a true blue hippie. As a young man, Jobs would walk to work barefoot. He lived in a commune of free spirits, went to India to find a guru and railed against authority.

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