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Joey Yupangco uses architecture to make art

JOEY Yupangco:
Creating surreal images
from everyday
architectural drawings.

Design proponent Jose Maria Yupangco believes in making art out of ordinariness.

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Experience National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio’s home

“THE HOUSE is not about the luxury of materials. The luxury is the space surrounded by greenery. You can look at it artistically as a confluence of planes,” says Galicia. PHOTOS BY PJ ENRIQUEZ

The sunbean falls across the pond, touching the surface until it sparkles like metal. The gentle ripples then cast a pattern of moving silhouettes on the corner of the living room.

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There’s more to Barcelona than Gaudi

POCKET gardens surrounding the medical pavilions

Barcelona. The Spanish sun, the Medditernean sea, the Catalan artistry, and home to the illustrious architect Antoni Gaudi.

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From ‘bahay-kubo’ to ‘bahay-na-bato’

VIGAN’S elegantQuema House is one of the few remaining in their
authentic and original state.

“Philippine Heritage Homes: A Guidebook” is a welcome addition to the scant bibliography on heritage architecture.

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A first for the Philippines– architect Miñana gets on World Architecture shortlist

FOR this “open Filipino-Asian house,”Miñana was inspired by the sturdy Filipino mountainside tribal houses. Two amply pitched roofs with wide eaves on stilts in post and lintel fashion are connected by a horizontal slab-bridgeway. Another derivative, the bahay-na-bato, inspired ground floors of heavy adobe stone walls, creating contrastwith open, transparent second floors.Highlighting this openness, various layers of “skin” allow the house to
“breathe” and have various levels of engagement with its environment. Layers of glass, screen and sunbreakers (in aluminum powdercoat wood finish) protect the home from extreme weather yet allow the panoramic landscape into the interiors. (From Villa Marina description by the architect)

A home designed by architect Emmanuel “Manny” Miñana, which was featured in Inquirer Lifestyle last June 18, has been selected on the shortlist for the 2014 awards of the World Architecture Festival.

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