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Can Chris Brown fill up the Philippine Arena?


The colossal, 55,000-capacity Philippine Arena will have its first concert on Dec. 31 featuring American R&B/hip-hop artist Chris Brown. This was supposed to be a grand New Year’s Eve party that would have paired him with another American, a female singer-songwriter also known for her dancing skills—but the deal did not push through.

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NCCA’s gongs-and-bamboo festival goes international

COMPOSER Ramon P. Santos; Riya Lopez of the Musicological Society of
the Philippines; Robert N. Pinsoy of Dipolog

Gongs and bamboo musical instruments “are a celebration and renewal of our heritage as Asians and have been in existence for thousands of years,” according to composer and National Artist-designate Ramon P. Santos.

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The virtues of bamboo

THE BAMBOO Sea in Sichuan province, China, is a 120 sq km forest of bamboo

Bamboo. It’s been around us all our lives. It’s something we have so much of that we don’t even think about it anymore.

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The Bamboo boys are back–minus Bamboo


If you miss Bamboo—the band, not their lead vocalist—then this piece of news might excite you: ex-Bamboo members Nathan Azarcon, Vic Mercado, and Ira Cruz are back together. Joining the three are Radioactive Sago Project’s Junji Lerma on guitars, and Jay Orduña on keyboard.

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Pancit Marilao, ‘hamon’ Bulacan, ‘pavo embuchado’ at the Singkaban Festival


I’ve seen those bamboo arches at fiestas but it was only recently that I learned what they’re called—singkaban. It’s an art form using bamboo as medium, some parts shaved so the curly fibers form part of the décor, and some cut into pieces and put together to form figures such as flowers. The artist is […]

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