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Fast-acting and potent beauty products

MYSLIM Yerba Mate drink and capsules

Some of us are resigned to certain beauty calamities because we have learned to live with them. It’s a good thing some beauty brands are relentless in finding ways to make us as close to perfect. The prices are also surprisingly reasonable.

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More must-try locally made finds


Last February, I wrote an article on must-try locally made beauty finds. That article got so much good feedback that I decided to add more to the list, including a locally made line of shirts I recently got my hands on. Here are some new discoveries:

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My love affair with beauty products

PERRICONE Cold Plasma line

When I was in my teens the only beauty product I cared about was scent. I didn’t bother to apply moisturizer or even SPF.

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How this Indonesian makeup brand is a game-changer

PHILIPPINE media with Martha Tilaar

The Indonesian makeup brand PAC or Professional Artist Cosmetics might not be a familiar name here but it’s gaining a following in Asia, and its start in 1997, under the Martha Tilaar Group, was game-changing.

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Fight frizz without losing your curls


I’m just a typical college student, so every time I go to school I always tie my hair into a ponytail. Sometimes I braid it, but I never let it loose. I’m not confident enough because I know it’ll end up just being buhaghag. Some of my friends say I should try to keep my hair down because I have beautiful, natural, wavy curls, but the thought of having it buhaghag always gets in the way. Is there any hair treatment that can lessen the buhaghag without losing my curls? Thank you.

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