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The magic of freezing

LA PRAIRIE’S Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection

There’s a fascination with ice and freezing lately—and we’re not talking of the lauded Disney animated film “Frozen” (which, by the way, my kids didn’t like so much, for some reason).

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The right Botox: It should look natural, not frozen


No amount of makeup can yield a skin that has been pampered and fed a nutritious diet. Our skin matures as we age, and it is vital for us to optimize its well-being.   One of Manila’s best-kept beauty secrets could very well be Dr. Jonathan Yu, a dermatologist and fellow of the Philippine Dermatological […]

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No to Botox, yes to effective anti-aging creams


As a woman in my 30s, I’ve realized I have to be more diligent with my skincare regimen. I have added more products to my dresser that I feel will help slow down signs of aging. This came about after a discussion with some friends about Diane Lane. Yes, Mrs. Kent in “Man of Steel,” who doesn’t look like she’s had anything done but looks absolutely gorgeous. She is aging gracefully. That’s when it hit me.

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Hayden Kho among Vicki Belo’s well-wishers during Botox anniversary


Allergan Healthcare, the global multi-specialty healthcare company, honored Dr. Vicki Belo as founder of the Belo Medical Group, which it had named the Philippines’ top cosmetic surgery and dermatology services clinic, dahlings.

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For Belo, only Botox–the real one–will do


One of the main reasons Dr. Vicki Belo closed her beauty clinic in Glendale, California, earlier this year was a disagreement she had with one of her business partners.

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