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She’s ashamed of her dysfunctional family situation


We are a broken, very dysfunctional family. For 21 years, my three children grew up together with my alcoholic, psychologically abusive, and latent homosexual husband who gave minimal material support to us—until we separated later.

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Should she come clean to her husband about a moment of weakness?


There was a time I went out of town. While there, a guy friend of mine attended to me and hung out in my hotel room, with my consent. One thing led to another—we kissed, we touched and we tasted (for lack of a better word).

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Should they work overseas and be away from kids, confused mom asks


My husband and I are planning to work overseas, for higher wages of course. But we have two kids, aged 4 and 2, who I think are too young to be left without our personal guidance. My husband is unaware of my uncertainties because this will only start a quarrel.

Posted: February 17th, 2013 in Columns,Editor's Pick,Featured Columns,Headlines,Relationship,Sunday Lifestyle | Read More »