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Bugs are food of the future—UN agency

AFP file photo

Beetles, caterpillars and wasps could supplement the diets of billions of people globally and help feed livestock, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization said on Monday, calling for more investment in edible insect farming.

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Loved Bug: Some insects make good pets

This undated photo provided by Yen Saw shows a Larger Florida mantis, Stagmomantis floridensis, in Katy, Texas. Saw has been keeping mantises for nearly 10n years, since his son got interested in them. One interesting aspect of keeping insects is that in a limited space and over a short time you can breed many generations.  AP/YEN SAW

Children are fascinated by insects, but many of us eventually grow out of wanting to catch a firefly and keep it in a jar. For the people who never lose that urge, though, it can lead in directions that might be surprising.

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