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Gear up for the holidays by making that list

MAURICE Arcache, Sea
Princess, Johnny Litton

On the last day before the ’ber months, I promise to start early with my Christmas shopping. Well, with all the birthday celebrations this September, it might be difficult to start on my list this early into the season.

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What are you looking forward to the most in 2014?

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MARIIA Lysenko

We don’t mean to sound old but time flies way too fast. Whether you’re preoccupied or having a good time, seeing the big picture or caught up in the daily grind, the days may be long (or too short if you’re one of those multi-hyphenates) but the years are definitely short.

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Remembering our Christmases before Facebook


Our babies belong to generations that don’t know ‘party line,’ analog phones you dialed, or radios with antennae.

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Take it from the retail titans–Filipinos ate, shopped, splurged more this year


The signs are unmistakable: the Philippine economy is on the upswing, with consumer confidence reflecting the surge in terms of an improved bottom line for the country’s biggest retailers compared to last year.

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The hottest toys explained


A few Christmases ago, I asked my aunt what my younger cousin wanted for Christmas.

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