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No good night’s sleep for Metro Manilans


It seems Metro Manilans are at risk from public utility vehicles not just on the road, where drivers behave like they are car racers trying to qualify for the Grand Prix.

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Many streets are now outdoor parking lots


A bill has been filed in Congress that will require a prospective car buyer to have a garage before he/she is allowed to own a vehicle.

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Why are bus operators against penalizing ‘colorum’ vehicles?


Mikka Garcia wrote to say she also did not understand why “bus owners/operators oppose the high penalties for colorum and out-of-way” public utility vehicles (PUV).

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Return old cell phones to ‘factory settings’ before discarding them


You may have heard of or read about “Project 1 Phone,” Globe Telecom’s campaign to “turn” old cellular phones into classrooms. It will not actually take apart a mobile phone and use its spare parts as building materials.

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Warning out vs toxic lipstick


A watchdog group against consumer products containing toxic substances on Tuesday warned the public against two lipstick brands found to contain dangerously high levels of lead.

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