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FDA warns public vs herbal capsule chemotherapy

FDA Advisory'

Capsules that work like chemotherapy? Don’t fall for this claim, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned.

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Recycled, reused scams


Either they are getting more brazen or desperate. Scam artists have started to identify themselves as the big bosses, no longer mere underlings. They may think that dropping the name of a Cabinet secretary will get people so excited they will not bother to scrutinize the message.

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Online petition asks PUVs to reserve seats for the less abled


A petition on change.org is asking transportation and welfare officials to compel public transport firms, including operators of the rail transit system, buses, jeepneys, to designate “at least 10 priority seats for persons with disabilities, pregnant women, persons with children and elderly.”

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Essentials for your emergency food kit


The National Nutrition Council (NNC), which coordinates the nationwide National Nutrition Month observance, sent a list of essential food items that people need to keep in stock during calamities.

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Painted drinking glasses found to contain high concentrations of lead


A shot of liquor could give you a dose of toxic lead.

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