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‘Fish-Hair Woman’ on stage as poetic as the novel

Scene from DLSU
Harlequin Theatre Guild’s “Fish-Hair
Woman,” directed by Raffy Tejada;

The De La Salle University (DLSU) Harlequin Theatre Guild’s adaptation of Merlinda Bobis’ “Fish-Hair Woman,” which had its second restaging since it was first showcased in March, proved to be just as poetic as the novel. The show, directed by Raffy Tejada, ran November 19-22 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU.

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12-meter-long-haired maiden returns home


Dark nights dotted with floating fireflies, 12 meters of thick, black hair and a river that holds the memories of a thousand hearts. Gone are the days of blood and war, now only her tale carries on. Gifted with 12 meters of hair, she bathes in the river of Iraya and trawls for the soul-less bodies who once lived at the heart of her beloved town, in hopes of serving their souls and their families the justice they deserved. Will they find their justice? Will the Fish-Hair Woman find hers?

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The ‘froshie’ secret files


It’s the first month of school—a fact that has just sunk in among students in the Philippines. Those enrolled at De La Salle University (DLSU), whose trimester started in May, have had more time to spend with their new schoolmates.

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DLSU Manila’s Business Management Society celebrates 29 years of excellence


Tired of the piling workload and homework? Need a break from all the stress? The De La Salle University Manila’s Business Management Society (DLSU-BMS) takes you to Roux 29 and get ready as the road continues to the Red and White Spectacle.

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Green time!

THE TIMEX display in front of the new Henry Sy Sr. Hall

Timex Express Lounge set foot on the De La Salle University grounds on Feb. 12-14 for the jam-packed and most-awaited University Mission-Vision Week 2014. Timex was über-psyched to be a part of this La Sallian event of the year.

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