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What do you say to a parent who has lost a child?


Last week, on our way home from a quiet weekend out of town with our kids, my husband broke the bad news. The child of a good friend had passed away.

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The man who talked to water


I received with a feeling of regret the news that the well-known Japanese researcher on the messages of water, Masaru Emoto, died recently in Japan.

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RIP, Mrs. Wolowitz

You may not know her face, but you definitely recognize her voice.

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Remembering Clem

LIFELONG TRAVELLING COMPANIONS: The Pablos on the road (Contributed photo)

Last night, my wife began the ultimate journey of her life. I can only imagine the marvellous things she is seeing right now. My life with Clem has always been marked by journey, travel, adventure, and exploring. While we both grew up in Manila and studied at the University of the Philippines, we met in Mindanao where she was pioneering a hotel institute and I was working with the Mindanao Regional Development Project.

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Can the dead communicate with and help the living?


Questions on interactions between the living and the dead never cease to fascinate the curious mind.

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