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Transformative styling

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PRINCESS works her
staple fashion piece—
a wide-brimmed hat.

I always want the set to look like a ‘set,’ not creating something that already exists,” says 26-year-old freelance set designer Princess Anne Barretto of her visual designs for a fashion set production. She’s a graduate of De La Salle University, major in Management of Financial Institutions, and right after graduation, pursued interior design at Philippine School of Interior Design.

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Christmas and fairy land meld with christening in new infant gowns


In her new Babes line, Katrina Goulbourn draws inspiration from the Nutcracker ballet suite

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Sycip leads other men in barong for a purpose

‘Designer Jeannie Goulbourn said her choice of eight gentlemen to model the barong for her latest fundraiser came after a careful study of each individual’s personality.

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Top 10 fashion staples from two top designers


When it comes to making clothes Gian Romano and Maureen Disini-Teichert may not share the same aesthetic, but the quality of their pieces and their creativity make them today’s must-try designers.

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Celebrities mourn Oscar de la Renta’s death

Oscar de la Renta AFP FILE PHOTO

Reaction to the death late Monday of iconic designer Oscar de la Renta:

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