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What does the lymphatic system do?


YOU ASK AND I answer. Every time I come across a question which I cannot answer intelligently, it’s back to research for me. So, here are several questions which require an immediate response.

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No alcohol in this bar–just pure, organic veggies


There’s a bar at Eastwood, Quezon City, that’s frequented by today’s hottest celebrities and personalities. It’s so popular that the joint gets orders from as far away as Las Piñas. But before you get any ideas, this place does not serve alcohol.

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The way of the detox

The detoxification process, whether it’s a brief, three-day diet or a long 15-day program, prohibits any solid food intake and alcohol consumption. The daily package includes five signature juices of your choice, an organic detox tea and an organic laxative tea in thermal carry bag.

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A customized detox program that worked for me


Somebody up there is really out to help me lose weight. Due to an underactive thyroid condition that causes me to pile on the pounds, my body is going through complications tied to being obese, such as joint pain, high cholesterol, severe constipation, etc.

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Detox, weight loss, general health–why juicing is all the rage


Every day for the past seven months, I’ve been drinking a green brew of fruits and vegetables several times a day upon the advice of alternative medicine specialist Dr. Antonia Park.

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