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Japanese buffet steps up game with live stations, weekend performances

TEPPANYAKI chef demonstrates his skills.

From the outside, Banzai looks like an office building, spare and boxy save for a few standees announcing the specialties. Inside, however, is an open layout of live cooking stations taking up most of the middle portion.

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Sentimental tour of Tivoli menu across 38 years

VALRHONA chocolate in layers with popcorn ice cream

All seats were taken in this extremely limited, one-night-only return engagement of chef Norbert Gandler at Mandarin Oriental Manila’s Tivoli restaurant, where he was executive sous chef from 1989 to 1992, and from 1995 to 2003.

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Boyet de Leon, Vicky Morales, Bella Yuchengco have One Way in common


Friday night and the place was packed. Actor Christopher “Boyet” de Leon was having a drink with one of the owners by the restaurant’s bar. In a separate section was love guru Baby Cruz with family. A head-turner who looked very much like Plinky Recto stretched her long legs sideways, leaning against a wall.

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A strong vote for Filipino food


Gisa(sauté), kulob (cover), pakuluan (slow cook by continuous boiling) are three of the techniques of Filipino cookery said to be derived from the ancients.

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An Ongpin food institution closes after a fire

FRIED noodles at Mañosa. NEAL OSHIMA

What keeps people loyal to a restaurant that has been going for hundreds and hundreds of years? Consistency, one would expect. Tradition. A sense of legacy. Or sheer nostalgia.   We don’t have restaurants that go back hundreds of years, because our country goes back only a few hundred years, as compared to Spain, for [...]

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