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Make your own microwavable aromatic pads


More and more people these days are becoming susceptible to body aches and pains. Gone are the days when these discomforts were mere signs of aging. Studies show that constant physical and mental stress can actually cause unwanted pain in different parts of the body.

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Your Super DIY poetry


We’ve been having so much fun reading your DIY poetry. Just keep sending them in. More winners in the coming weeks.

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Your Super DIY poetry


Last week, we published our Super DIY poetry kit and asked readers to send in their poetry. We’re loving your words—keep them coming.

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Have a ball with this memo holder

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FROM LEFT:materials for the project, and the fun, quirky finished product for bland walls or workspaces

Memo holders can be fun to look at while holding notes, receipts or any piece of paper or even electric cords. Used or brand-new tennis balls can be just the thing for this creative project.

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Pecan pie with chocolate chips

PECAN Pie with Chocolate Chips

The macaroni and cheese glistens under the glare of the evening lights, a golden crust of Cheddar cheese spread over curls of elbow macaroni—inviting, unapologetic, conjuring images of home-cooked meals eaten in the comfort of a warm kitchen. Beside it the meat loaf drips with a rich brown gravy and looks equally tempting.

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