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Barbecued pork and peppers

pork and peppers

At this time of the year, cemeteries come alive with the influx of people visiting their dearly departed in observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Many even hold picnics in the cemeteries, toting along foldable tables, chairs and other paraphernalia, and planting these right beside the graves.

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Fried shrimp cake

FRIED shrimp cake

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a culinary demonstration arranged by the Royal Thai Embassy and the Philippine Thai Cultural Organization. Because Thai cuisine is one of my favorites, I was delighted to learn how to prepare some dishes, from no less than the embassy chefs.

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Move over, rice–here’s ‘bigas na mais’

CHEF Jessie’s creation: Mesclun green salad with raspberry vinaigrette and prawn corn rice pops.

The grains look like tiny bits of sunshine, sparkling in the clear wrapper that encloses them. The label says it’s RiCo Corn Rice; on one side an ear of corn is shown yielding its golden kernels, while below it, grains of what look like yellow rice shimmer in a white bowl. Is this rice or corn or what?

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Suspended beauty

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USE A sawed-off
piece of lumber,
the more rustic looking the better.

If you want to give your room an illusion of space while supporting the green movement as well, here’s a great idea you could work on. Instead of looking for extra floor space, try suspending your table from the ceiling.

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Seafood glass noodle salad

SEAFOOD glass noodle salad

We had a delightful Saturday afternoon when the Royal Thai Embassy and the Philippine-Thai Cultural Organization (PTCO) held a culinary demonstration.

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