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Cheap (but good) eat spots in New York

KATZ’S  Pastrami Sandwich

The best pastrami sandwich ever, cereal milk ice cream, corn prepared the Mexican way—here’s another dose of delicious but affordable eats in New York (and a few splurges, of course).

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Eating healthier is a lifestyle choice

TACOS made from flaxseed. NELSON MATAWARAN

Moving from a house in Forbes Park to a condo in Mandaluyong also meant a lifestyle change for entrepreneur Sylvia Cancio.

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‘I am working out so I can eat whatever I want’

EAT TOhave the right amount of energy to do physical activities with the whole family. WWW.SPARKPEOPLE.COM

What is the difference between a healthy person and an unhealthy person when it comes to eating?

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Healthy food delivered right to your doorstep


My favorite activity when abroad is eating. I will Google my destination to find interesting restaurants days before my departure. The problem with a lot of traveling and eating is, while I always have time to start a workout regimen, I am never motivated enough to sustain it, due to my love of food and my frequent travels.

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Get a taste of healthy living with salads with a twist and yummy low-calorie meals

ON-THE-SPOT salad preparation; at right, low-calorie meal

There’s good reason why losing weight and eating healthy are the most popular resolutions people make year after year after year. Gaining extra pounds is almost a sure thing after weeks of feasting with family and friends over the Christmas holidays. Throw in the abundance and accessibility of instant meals and fast-food joints, and you shatter even the steeliest of resolves.

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