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What our wise, benevolent angels taught us

HIGH school/college class reunion in 1964.

It was 1947, and postwar Manila was full of promise. I was eager to study at Maryknoll College, a progressive school run by American missionary sisters. It used American textbooks, and was known for excellence in teaching the English language.

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World’s most-used word turns 175, OK?

Cartoon, March 23, 2014

Whatever you’re doing this Sunday, wherever you might be, take a moment to reflect on the most popular word in the English language, OK?

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Your problem is you can’t speak England


We were having a meeting here at home on the Wheelchair Project. Not knowing that Vim Nadera was a therapist, I was surprised to get a pamphlet on suicide from him. (He was nuts enough to volunteer for this project.)

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English theater not colonial mentality–Rep


This question was posed to Repertory Philippines (Rep) officers and performers: How do you feel about continuing criticism from certain quarters that Broadway-West End productions dominate the Philippine stage, and that this is a sign of “colonial mentality”?

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The tremor of our days


With the kind indulgence of the honorable impeachment court, may its attorneys, witnesses, clerks and TV commentators be alerted to high crimes committed against the English language?

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