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La Naval: Heritage icon of heroism and holiness

LA NAVAL grand procession will be on Oct. 12. Santissimo Rosario LaNaval de Manila is the biggest locally made Marian ivory icon in the Philippines.

The five La Naval battles, fought fiercely at sea from March 15 to Oct. 4, 1646, by the Spanish and Filipino soldiers against the mightier, more heavily armed Dutch invaders, were a painful birthing of saints and heroes.

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Glamorous Baby Arenas asks me who I’m going to take a swipe at next

JOSÉ “Pepe”

Faith is probably one of the most used words to describe one’s belief in a deity. However, what is amazing is that a lot of people who claim they have faith do not live lives that are happy, content and harmonious.

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How to communicate with angels


It is really life-changing when you realize that angels are so easy to reach, feel and communicate with, and that they are only more than happy to assist us whenever needed.

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God’s power is like electricity–always there but you have to turn on the switch

PINKY del Rosario

“LET GOD arise in your consciousness and all your thine enemies shall be slain and scattered,” according to the Scriptures.

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Christians in Manaus pray to the ‘Jewish saint’

The tombstone of Rabbi Shalom Imanuel Muyal, who died of yellow fever in 1910, stands above his tomb at the Saint John the Baptist Cemetery in Manaus, Friday, June 20, 2014. Local Christians in the Amazonian city have made it a tradition to turn up at Muyal's burial spot in the Saint John the Baptist Cemetery to pray for miracles. AP

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, but right in the middle of the jungle region’s biggest city, lies the final resting place of the “Jewish saint.”

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