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Motherhood–how does one do it?


Time spent at my daughter’s home in Florida has stirred memories when I was a working housewife in the United States and she was just a baby. As I watch her play her many roles and wear different hats, I am in awe of her stamina and dedication. I tell her: “You are like a juggler, keeping all the balls up in the air and not dropping a single one. How do you do it?”

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Family movies dominate Cine Europa 17

t0908cine europa_feat6_1

A writer in his twilight years who writes celebrity profiles and tutors students gets jolted from his stupor when a former lover comes out of nowhere and reveals a son he never knew existed.

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What’s your agenda in owning a pet?

THE AUTHOR with his daughters

A dog or cat can bring out the best in a man if you allow it to. This usually happens because the dogs and cats give us unconditional love.

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I hate goodbyes

Conchita C. Razon

Today is my last day in Atlanta. I look forward to my next stop, but with a heavy heart, as I leave my sister behind. This time she has decided not to come to Manila with me, as she has in the past. She retired last year. Or so she thought. But I can see that she has never been busier. I know this is good for her. But I am sad.

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Children reject widower’s new love, think she’s after dad’s assets


I am 79 years old and a widower for the past four. The first two years were unbearable. I have four children, all professionals who have families of their own. Two are in the US, the other two are staying not far from me.

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