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How I survived my parents’ separation


‘I know the only reason you’ve been staying is so your kids wouldn’t have to say they come from a broken home. But a broken home is better than seeing you fight all the time. If you can’t stand it anymore, leave,” I told my mother one day.   I was only 12 years old […]

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5 others talk of coping with a broken home

“I coped with my parents’ separation by accepting the fact that there was nothing I can do to keep them together. I realized that I didn’t have to stress myself because of their separation. I have my own life to live so I focused all my energy on my friends and just having fun. And I had two awesome grandparents that took on the roles of father and mother. That’s probably why I didn’t feel any abandonment issues, hatred or any negative feelings toward my parents. My grandparents have always filled the hole of having a broken family.”—Migs

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Motherhood–how does one do it?


Time spent at my daughter’s home in Florida has stirred memories when I was a working housewife in the United States and she was just a baby. As I watch her play her many roles and wear different hats, I am in awe of her stamina and dedication. I tell her: “You are like a juggler, keeping all the balls up in the air and not dropping a single one. How do you do it?”

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Family movies dominate Cine Europa 17

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A writer in his twilight years who writes celebrity profiles and tutors students gets jolted from his stupor when a former lover comes out of nowhere and reveals a son he never knew existed.

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What’s your agenda in owning a pet?

THE AUTHOR with his daughters

A dog or cat can bring out the best in a man if you allow it to. This usually happens because the dogs and cats give us unconditional love.

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