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There is so much to be thankful for


The other night I was out with a handsome young man. He asked me to be his date at a degustation. Frankly, I have always found the word a little confusing. It sounds like something I won’t enjoy.

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The secret life and loves of Manuel Roxas

CORY Quirino

Put your attention now on your Higher Self which is the God within you. Fill your mind and heart with love and gratitude, and this feeling will bring to you all the things you will ever need—everything for your highest good and greatest joy.

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Think of today as your gift


I write this because one of the most difficult things for me to do is not to worry about the future. I worry about the future constantly that I forget about the present.

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Men must say ‘Thank you,’ too, dear

RICHARD Cepeda Go and Marina Benipayo

I always tell my friends that I am fortunate and thankful to have found Marina. The blessing that she is to my life becomes part of the conversation whenever I meet up with these friends.

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A year for gratitude


Every year, at around this time, my word for the following year finds me. For 2010, it was grace, and true enough I found it in abundance that year—in the events that conspired to make things happen, in the people I met, in every little blessing that I was given. For 2011, the word given to me was surrender. All throughout that year, I found myself in situations that helped teach me the very difficult lesson of learning how to let go. Although there continue to be times when I continue to grapple with it, overall, at the close of 2011 there was no longer any fear—that I could let go of whatever it was and God would catch me, or provide for me, each and every time.

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