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Through thick and thin

ANDI Manzano, Marco Lobregat, Gino Quillamor

Greenwich Pizza recently added three more “slices” of fun to its growing barkada of inspiring young people. And while the country’s favorite pizza chain promotes its new line of thin-crusted wonders, it’s also got a bigger circle of game changers, each representing the best of what they do, making a difference in the world while having the time of their lives.

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Better than any other


Here’s a familiar story everyone can relate to. Neighbors see life through its many milestones: fun, academics, holidays, graduation and what have you. Eventually, they part ways, as their fates and dreams dictate. Then time becomes an element. The neighbors, childhood friends bump into each other years, or even decades, later.

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John Lloyd Cruz on shopping: ‘That’s why I said I’m like a girl. I have that disease’


It’s not mere modesty when John Lloyd Cruz says he thinks he’s “average-looking.” You can tell the guy actually believes that to be true. And as fine an actor as he is, you can also tell he’s not play-acting when he shifts uncomfortably on his chair as the conversation centers on his looks and how apparently enamored a lot of women—and not a few men—of him are.

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