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Life lessons I want to teach my son


This month, my once baby boy turned another year older. Once upon a time, he was a fragile little infant with large, sad-looking eyes (my father-in-law even used to call him Sad Sam) who used to follow me and his sister around.

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The fear of aging


It is a big mistake to assume that people of age have all the answers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe wrinkles give us a look of authority. Perhaps it’s our attitude. Let’s face it; some of us strut around like infallible sages. But don’t let that fool you. Many of us are as insecure as teenagers with acne.

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Growing up means sometimes letting go of a dream


A woman’s goal for a happy family life might end up in smoke. I’m a 33-year-old single woman and have had a boyfriend for a year. A year ago I “realized” that being successful in my career, meaning having money, did not make me happy. It felt like I had nothing. I wanted to get married and have a family. I met my boyfriend who is an MD and had just finished his residency.

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The roles we play, the rules we break


How many roles can one play in a lifetime? Who prepares us, and are we ever ready? At what age do we start?

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Exchanging dolls for heels


A recent brush with fate and the theme “Coming of Age” had led me to contemplate the journeys of those about to end a chapter of their lives, and where they are headed. College stands as the bridge between the road that has been and the bigger world yet to come—the final call that insists you grow up and take life more seriously.

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