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Obama captured on video working out in hotel gym

Screengrab from http://www.fakt.pl/barack-obama-na-silowni-fakt-z-obama-na-silowni-film,artykuly,465557,1,1,1.html

Like millions of gym goers, President Barack Obama grimaces while lifting weights. Like millions, he does lunges and step ups and tests his cardio on an elliptical machine. Unlike millions, he is surreptitiously captured on a video that goes viral on the Internet.

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Parkour: Getting fit with Ninja moves-inspired body movements


If you got that “stiff-and-hard-to-achieve” system of staying fit, Parkour is here to end that old-fashioned mentality.

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Theft at ballet-inspired workout studio

All Amanda (not her real name) wanted to do last Friday was try a very specialized ballet-inspired workout for the first time. She went to the workout studio in an upscale spa and paid P1,500 for three sessions.

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