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How to wake up your hair

DENSIFIQUE Cure awakens sleeping hair from scalp.

If you think you’re losing hair, it might just be sleeping beneath your scalp.

Posted: June 27th, 2014 in Columns,Fashion and Beauty | Read More »

Cult products for your everyday hair troubles

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Only a chosen few are blessed with perfect hair. Most of us are fated to have hair trouble. And to stress about it.

Posted: June 6th, 2014 in Columns,Fashion and Beauty | Read More »

Bad beauty habits you need to break now

GREAT skin glows with moisture.Wear SPF and moisturizer and lightly dab some foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

Beauty habits are like old friends—you keep the good ones, and eliminate the ones that will only bring you down. Dated beauty habits can age you, and this summer heat is a grating reminder to have your beauty ritual on constant check.

Posted: May 2nd, 2014 in Columns,Fashion and Beauty | Read More »

Get Xian Lim’s sleek, no-fuss haircut


For a San Francisco native who’s always aspired for the limelight, Xian Lim is getting exactly what he wants and more. With his recent film with onscreen and off-screen partner Kim Chiu earning P10.5 million on its first day of screening, the 24-year-old could arguably be the newest blockbuster king of his generation.

Posted: April 11th, 2014 in Columns,Fashion and Beauty | Read More »

Thick, lush, sexy hair from drugstore products

NANNY Rose Gugo Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo,Watsons beer treatment wax, Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo with VCO, Opal Virgin Coconut plus Aloe Vera Hot Oil Cream

Ever had your hair cut too short on impulse to mimic a hairstyle that looked so good on some gorgeous Hollywood star, only for you to regret the decision the moment you stepped out of the salon?

Posted: March 21st, 2014 in Columns,Fashion and Beauty | Read More »