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More generic drugs means more affordable healthcare

WATSONS Generics cost 50 to 80 percent less than branded

Efficient drugs that treat stomach hyperacidity, allergic symptoms, inflammation, antibiotics and supplements such as malunggay, multivitamins with iron, psyllium fiber, collagen and glutathione can all be had at the lowest affordable price.

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What Makes Philippines the Heart of Asia

The country’s medical tourism industry is hoping to get another boost from the soon-to-be-released “Philippines: The Heart of Asia” travel guide.  For inquiries, email info@philippinesheartofasia.ph or call +63908.8887880.

The Philippines established its Medical Tourism Program back in 2006—and now, a little over six years later, we can say that while results have not been as quick as first envisioned, the country’s efforts to become a regional healthcare hub are slowly but surely bearing fruit.

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TRAVELLING FOR HEALTH: Make it happen in Makati


What first comes to mind when we think about the City of Makati? For some, it would be the Ayala Center, the modern commercial and retail hub that encloses both the Glorietta and Greenbelt Malls, as well as the Ayala Museum and the beautiful pocket parks in the area. For others, Makati City reminds them […]

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Workshop for clinics, small healthcare organizations on accreditation standards

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With the growing population and aging people on the rise all over the world comes bigger demand for healthcare. WHO declares that in order to avoid huge hospital bills, people are encouraged to be more cautious of their health even before chronic illness strikes. Aesthetic centers are also booming as more people search for youthful looks and longevity.

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Health Care is for All

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ONE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION when discussing Global Healthcare Travel also known as Medical Travel or Medical Tourism is this: Will the country’s public healthcare be compromised once the Philippines becomes a global healthcare hub? The short answer, based on the experience of India and other more established medical tourism destinations is: No, as long as we do it right.

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