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Should you go vegetarian or ‘flexitarian’?

TUNA and broccoli pasta shells

If you really want to stick to a healthy diet for life, then you should be choosing healthy and nutritious foods that you truly like, while practicing a sustainable and more flexible way of eating that will prevent deprivation and relapse.

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Iza Calzado takes healthy eating seriously


During her teenage years, Iza Calzado was teased a lot by the boys in her community because of her extra pounds.

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Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated


Health professionals are devising more ways to make it easier for people to adapt to healthy living. So if you are having doubts about making lifestyle changes because you assume that healthy living requires depriving yourself of delicious foods, counting calories, memorizing the food pyramid, or spending more time and money, now is the time […]

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Tasty low-calorie dishes from ‘Model Chef’


Looking at the trim figure and movie-star smile in the photograph, one finds it hard to believe that this man used to be an overweight teenager. His transformation began at age 18, when he finally decided to eat healthy food and ditch junk food. Three years later, his newly trim figure landed him modeling jobs […]

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