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Endangered heritage sites in Manila

UGLY skycrapers now mar the skyline of the UST Main Building, an engineering marvel with anti-seismic features and declared a National Cultural Treasure.

Rizal Park is directly affected by the Torre de Manila condominium project on Taft Avenue.

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Demolish now, conserve later

WHAT’S left of the historic Army-Navy Club in Manila after the developer  dismantled it purportedly to make way for a “boutique hotel.” Below, at least the old historical marker has been spared. PHOTOS BY SHERWIN MARION VARDELEON

A flurry of multimillion development and infrastructure activities in Manila has put at risk many heritage landmarks.

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Conservationists concerned about historic Army-Navy Club building

FAÇADE of the Army Navy Club. All but the shell of the building remains now as the developer has stripped the building of its walls and interiors. PHOTOS BY EDGAR ALLAN M. SEMBRANO

Historic Army and Navy Club (ANC) in Manila has become a shell and a ghost of its old self after it has been stripped and practically dismantled by a hotel developer with clearance from City Hall and even the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

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Torre de Manila condo probe shows more Old Manila sites ‘in danger’

THE FADED glory that was the Metropolitan Theater in central Manila EDWIN BACASMAS

Dr. Jose Rizal is not alone as a potential casualty of Manila’s changing cityscape.

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Because of heritage protest, DPWH halts Nueva Vizcaya road project

ISINAY cultural community and Dupax residents during a recent river clean-up with the 200-year-old bridge still intact (extreme left); closer view of the arch

Concerted efforts by heritage advocates and the Isinay ethnic group have put a stop—at least temporarily—to the controversial retrofitting and widening of the Spanish-era Dampol Bridge in Dupax town, Nueva Vizcaya.

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