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Red Cubs win 5th straight championship


High school basketball may not be as attention-getting as collegiate basketball, but this year at the National College Athletics Association (NCAA), it was a different case altogether because of the emerging rivalry between San Beda and La Salle Green Hills.

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One last chance to get it right–in high school


Like they say, it’s not how you start, but how you end. Whenever June rolls around, students usually think of only two things—either they can’t wait to go to school and start learning again, or they wish summer could be longer so they wouldn’t need to go to school again, sit down in class and listen to seemingly endless lectures.

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He’s happily married–but intimate with a high school love


I am a 40-something husband with a loving wife and five lovely kids. I love my family. My problem started six years ago in a high school reunion, when I saw the girl I was in love with then, but got cold feet that she’d turn me down. Nobody knew about it but me.

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Nurturing our inner pearl and sharing our light with the world


Our high school Facebook page of late has been inundated with photographs of our younger, more innocent selves. My Maryknoll (now Miriam) high school class marks its pearl anniversary—30 years old!— next weekend, Sept. 8.

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Shaping your dreams now that high school is over


High school is over. That sentence didn’t quite strike me, until it was said aloud. If it wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t real. I still imagined myself waking up to the same routine, going to the same place every day. In high school, I found comfort in friends and even classmates whom I’ve spent years of schooling with.

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