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Men and their vintage cars–a show unparalleled

begins at the atrium
of The Northwing of
SM City Cebu.

On a Saturday morning, waiting to board the plane to Cebu, I overheard a man at the next table say, “I’ve spent my money on gambling, drinking and women… the rest I wasted.”

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Cross-stitching is not just for old maids anymore

THE PROUD Pinoy Stitchers meet monthly at the DMC shop in SM Megamall. PHOTOS BY ALANAH TORRALBA

She spends hours hunched over a piece of cloth, her thin, bony hands sewing with precision through its tiny patterned holes. Her strained eyes, squinting and blinking, remain focused. And this she does—on and off, between work and play—for the next two to three years, pouring her heart over one single work of staggering detail.

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In love with calligraphy


Fozzy Castro-Dayrit has always been fascinated with letters and writing. “Arts and letters and words have always been my outlet and my source of happiness. I was one of those kids who had every color of pen possible in an impossibly crammed pencil case.” In high school, classmates would ask her to write their names on their binders and notebooks, using her different styles. “I liked drawing fat letters and skinny ones and swirly ones,” Fozzy said.

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Thread ‘n’ paper


Twenty-nine-year-old Mikko Sumulong of I Try DIY grew up in a crafty home. Her mom loved making crafts, and it was only natural for Mikko to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

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10 ways to unleash your kids’ creativity


The tools that finally tore four kids away from their beloved gadgets and computers were surprisingly simple—fresh notebooks and new pens. Four boys between the ages of 7 and 11 spent an entire Saturday just drawing, seemingly forgetting about the lures of Facebook games and the Internet. In this age of instant gratification and digital […]

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