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Go natural when cleaning your home


The next time you clean your house, try to do it without causing much harm to the environment.

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Management expert Johnlu Koa shows how to apply the 80/20 rule to your possessions

Guests’ shoes in the main living room can be unsightly. The  Almario sisters used Mayie Delgado’s photo to disguise the shoe cabinet.  Photo by Tonette Jacinto

ASK ANY design consultant or homeowner who’s “OC” (obsessive-compulsive) about tidiness and removing clutter at home, and chances are, he or she will say it’s just a matter of attitude.

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Susan Roces keeps home by sentiment and good sense


Susan Roces admits she is sentimental to a fault. She has transformed a house in Lipa, Batangas, into a storehouse for her “old things,” which includes “lots of gowns by Pitoy Moreno, some by Ramon Valera,” costumes, knickknacks and memorabilia she has gathered since the ’50s. “They call me basurera because I keep everything,” said […]

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