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Please be careful with my heart!


February always makes me think of hearts. And not just because it’s the love month. My son, who was born with a congenital heart defect, was born in February. Today, as I write this, would have been his 20th birthday. My dad was only 49 when a heart attack claimed his life. I think of these two Miguels who were very dear to me. I think of love—the mother for her son, the daughter for her father.

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Actress Ama Quiambao now in stable condition


Veteran actress Ama Quiambao is now in a stable condition at the Emergency Room of San Juan de Dios Hospital, Pasay City, actor-director Tuxqs Rutaquio told the INQUIRER Friday night.

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A hypertension medicine that’s perfect for (forgetful) seniors

DR. DANTE Morales

Know your blood pressure like you know your body weight. In fact, if you want to live your optimal best during your senior years, know your numbers by heart—your weight, your blood pressure, your cholesterol and your sugar.

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You are not doomed to your genetic fate


Confusion rules the day if you read up on too many approaches to living the wellness lifestyle, especially if the topic is dieting. The result: information overload. There are no fast and easy answers. Regarding your wellness issues, here are answers to some of your questions.

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The art of quitting


DON’T be mistaken. Quitting can be a good thing. All our life we have been taught to never give up, and always surge forward. The lesson was simple: Quitters never succeed. While this may hold true for most aspects of living, in the realm of wellness, quitting can be a good thing. To master this […]

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