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Why illness can be a gift–a journey for the soul


Some of the bravest and most beautiful women I know are those who have survived a life-threatening illness.

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Rome restaurant serves up new attitude toward Down syndrome

Alessandro Giusto, a young men with Down syndrome, works at the restaurant "Locanda dei Sunflowers" on January 28, 2014 in Rome.  AFP

It was another busy night for the staff with Down syndrome at the Girasoli restaurant in Rome, which serves up traditional pizza and pasta dishes along with a new way of looking at disability in the workplace.

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Architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable dies at 91

Ada Louise Huxtable. Tumblr photo

The woman who turned her love and appreciation of the built environment into a pioneering and prize-winning career as an architecture critic has died. Ada Louise Huxtable was 91.

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Series of family deaths puzzles reader


“I need your advice on what’s going on regarding the series of deaths in my family. Brief background: We’re seven kids, and I’m the youngest, now living in California. I have four brothers (three passed away already) and two sisters (one in the hospital with a blood clot).

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Unrecognized causes of illness


If you ask any knowledgeable doctor what the possible causes of man’s illness are, he will most likely enumerate any or a combination of the following: pathogens, such as bacteria, microbes, virus, etc.; allergens like pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, carcinogens; or cancer producing chemicals or materials.

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