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Facebook campaign seeks Vatican approval of Lipa apparitions


According to Theo Cruz of San Bartolome Parish in Novaliches, there’s a Facebook campaign asking for Vatican approval of the Lipa apparitions that took place in 1948-1949.

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Comfort food, the Ilocano way

RUFINO’S Longanisa Pizza

Pinakbet pizza is old news. So is bagnet (deep-fried pork) and dinardaraan (dinuguan, blood stew) pizza. Those are served in many Ilocano eateries today, possibly confusing foreign tourists who may think that they landed in a lost town of Italy.

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Fresh fish tales from the north

Needlefish or layalay kilawin with shallots

Farm to table. That phrase is used to indicate the freshness of ingredients used to cook a dish, how those ingredients didn’t have to stay long in storage or weren’t transported through a series of middle men.

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Notes from Sitio Remedios: Why May is special


I greet all of you this sunny Easter morning from my balcony in Sitio Remedios. This early, the folks from nearby towns are slowly filling up the beach to wash their sins away. This is the end of the rituals of Lent, after the sweaty Good Friday procession. They come to purify their souls from year- long of transgressions.

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Kannawidan toasts Cardinal Quevedo; ‘7 Last Words’ to reflect on Year of Laity

MANILA Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle with writer Catherine M. Chia, producer-director Meng Canlas and associate producer Ana Lisa San Luis of the “Seven Last Words” TV program on Channel 13 on April 18, 12 noon-3 p.m.

The Kannawidan foundation of Ilocos Norte tendered a dinner in honor of Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, the first Ilocano cardinal, recently.

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