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Secure your child’s college education the easy way


It is every parent’s dream to send his child to college. However, given the continuously increasing rates of tuition in universities and the relatively lower rate of increase in salary that employees receive each year, securing one’s children’s future becomes a big financial challenge for many households.

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The high cost of living


Too late, I’m told, at 74, to get medical insurance. I had thought so, imagining the conditions I’m bound to develop by then—“preexisting,” as they say.

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Travel Insurance – A Traveler’s Necessity


Aside from the fact that all Schengen countries* require you to have a Schengen approved travel insurance policy before these countries issue you with a visa, the reason you need travel insurance is simple: when you travel, you deal with much more uncertainty and your existing insurances won’t normally cover the risks associated with traveling overseas.

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Your little one deserves a big start in life

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One of the main areas of a child’s life that affects how well he or she will grow into a successful and competent adult is education. For many families, education is a priceless privilege. It opens the door to an array of opportunities – or at the very least – it is regarded as a stepping stone in getting ahead through life’s hardship. Every parent dreams for their little ones to succeed in life and most of them sacrifice a lot in order to send their children to a good school in college.

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In case of emergency, don’t break the bank

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Maintaining a savings account is necessary, but whether or not it is enough to financially shield a family from emergencies is something breadwinners must consider carefully.

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