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Display your travel souvenirs in a clutter-free manner

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IT’S GOOD to stick to a certain theme when incorporating souvenirs to keep
the look from being cluttered. In this case, the designer used three different maps as wall décor.

Travel clutter happens when the mementos from your trips are kept hidden. Bring them out, display them and show how much fun you had from the experience.

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Manila Fame to feature German home specialist

International product development specialist Detlef Klatt from Germany is set to transform Manila Fame with a special setting of handcrafted tabletops.

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Architect Manny Miñana builds a neo-‘bahay-na-bato’ in Sta. Elena

THE SECOND-FLOOR living room is surrounded by louver windows, screen panels, and tempered glass doors, which slide open to allow the panoramic view outside to wrap the vast room. PHOTOS BY PATRICK UY

Taking elements of vernacular architecture, like wide overhanging eaves, pitched roofs, raised pile foundations and local building materials such as wood and stone, the country’s best architects started a trend in the 1970s.

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‘The Best of Cocoon’: ‘The age of mass production is over’


As Filipinos become more open to modernist forms of architecture, their preference for mass-produced furniture and accent pieces is beginning to wane.

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Couple design a multilevel beauty on 200 sq m

STAIRCASES uses the usual elements—narra, glass andmetal. But the open and spacious design evokes free flow of space. It makes the small house seem light and airy. PHOTOS BY NELSON MATAWARAN

Every young couple dreams of having a big house with a driveway that gives one a sense of arrival and a backyard where kids can romp. But given the urban congestion and rising prices of real estate, narrow homes on narrow lot sizes have become the norm.

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