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Super Buzz: #AlexfromTarget, The Spotify-Swift breakup, Lena Dunham, Sherlock’s engaged

ALEX fromTarget

Smartphone cameras are not just for selfies, they’re also for taking “stealthies,” or secret snaps of people around you, mostly in the “OMG, look how hot this guy/girl is” category (admit it, you and your friends have a Viber/Whatsapp/WeChat thread dedicated to this).

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Log off and look up–there’s a real world out there


I don’t want to keep up. I celebrate the phenomenal advances and the good that technology and the digital industries have given humankind. But I feel like a digital party-pooper, the world rapidly leaving me behind.

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Surviving traffic with your Smartphone

Photo Illustration by Riki Velarde

There are plenty of apps developed to help circumnavigate traffic, but here in Manila, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery (even if you haven’t bought a ticket) than escaping terrible traffic.

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Why you need to check out NimbleTV


I can still remember how TV was before cable and the Internet came along. The only way for you to catch your favorite TV show was to sit by the TV and wait for it to come on (there was no app to alert you when your show would be on; you either memorized the schedule, wrote it down, or consulted an actual TV guide magazine or that day’s newspaper). I had a portable battery-operated TV that was the size and shape of a big waffle cone with a matchbox-sized screen. I would hunch over it when my mom would drag me to the supermarket, bummed that I had to watch “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” on such a tiny screen with fuzzy reception— it was more audio than video, but it was better than nothing.

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The latest US social media fitness sensation is Filipino

“WHEN I moved to LA, I used fitness to meet new people, and build friendships and relationships,” said Liane V. RAY TRAJANO

She’s taking Western social media by storm, and she’s 100-percent Filipino.   Social media star Liane Valenzuela, a.k.a. Liane V, is a United States-born, 5’3” performer with golden tan skin, long wavy hair, a shapely bod and flat abs. She sings and cowrites most of her songs; she writes and acts in comedy skits; she […]

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