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Women-artists explore intimacy

CANVAS gallery and garden

“Secret Garden” is a group exhibition that presents 19 female artists invited to share their personal explorations of life, focusing on their hidden and untold stories. “Secret Garden” represents an inner space that one retreats to for silence, solace and introspection; it is also a place where revelations and art processes are born.

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Friends with benefits (Reportage on sex)

“ANGEL of Little Children” ART BY GCF (1998)

How could you not learn! You just open your eyes and your ears—all the material is in front of you. Even the songs are dripping with sex info. No longer is it necessary to experience it in a movie house in the KKK (kataas-taasang, kasulok-sulukang, kadilim-dilimang) seat. Everything’s out in the open.

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He’s happily married–but intimate with a high school love


I am a 40-something husband with a loving wife and five lovely kids. I love my family. My problem started six years ago in a high school reunion, when I saw the girl I was in love with then, but got cold feet that she’d turn me down. Nobody knew about it but me.

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