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Instant photo fun

Pocket Photo. Photo by Tatin Yang

Many people use the image and video hosting site Flickr to upload and store photos taken by their cameras and smartphones. The site also gathers user equipment statistics and makes the data public. For example, of the top 10 cameras used by the Flickr community, Apple’s iPhones are ranked third, while three of the 10 spots are occupied by other smartphones.

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Mikael Daez turns to apps to level up

WITH the iPhone as his exercise companion, Mikael Daez uses the Gym Hero app to record his program. Doing the pushup and row exercise. PHOTOSBYNELSONMATAWARAN

Mikael Daez has a problem most people would like to have. His body type is not predisposed to fat. However, being skinny in front of the camera can be a disadvantage.

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Much ado over an iPhone

JANELL and her son Gregory: He said he would have followed the rules anyway. SCREENGRABBED FROM ABCNEWS.COM

Like many other parents, Janell Burley Hofmann of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, gave her son an iPhone last Christmas. But her gift to 13-year-old Gregory came with strings attached—a long list of rules that he must follow.

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A mom signs an ‘iPhone contract’ with her son


When I was in high school, there was a brief period of obsession over a small handheld gadget that served as a directory and a calendar. Best of all, it had a matchmaking application so you could see what the future held for you and your crush!

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Odd Jobs

He was a true blue hippie. As a young man, Jobs would walk to work barefoot. He lived in a commune of free spirits, went to India to find a guru and railed against authority.

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