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All things Sansó on view in new museum

JUVENAL Sansó at
Fundacion Santiago,
before blown-up sketch
of himself that he did in
1964. On the wall is
inscription, an excerpt
from the late critic Leo
Benesa: “I realize that
Sansó’s subject matter is
the ‘inner eye,’ the artist
looking into himself.”

What does one do when one has already traveled the world in pursuit of one’s passion and dream? One comes home.

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‘Sansó: Black and White’: Expressionist master in monochrome


There are times when it becomes inevitable to compare Expressionist maestro Juvenal Sansó with Pablo Picasso.

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Class is making a comeback


Today is the day you cross over. It means you will move from the outer to the inner, from the mass mind to the God mind, from the senses to the Spirit within, from the limited to the limitless.

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Sansó and National Artists Imao, Luz, Aguilar featured in Independence Day exhibit

“TWOCyclists and a Juggler”

In connection with the 116th Independence Day of the Philippines, Art+ Magazine teams up with The Podium to present an exhibition of the works of National Artists Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Arturo Luz and Abdulmari Imao, and those by Presidential Medal of Merit honoree Juvenal Sansó on the second level of the mall, until June 12.

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Rare Sansó abstracts celebrate freedom

“AS DREAMS Are Realized”

The late ’60s is often called the Psychedelic Era, when philosophical explorations by thinkers like Timothy Leary and Alan Watts celebrated the emerging chemical-influenced culture as a means of expanding the mind’s consciousness.

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