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Re-discovering Zesty Zamboanga!


Mention Zamboanga, and images of colorful vintas immediately come to mind. The striped sails of this traditional fishing vessel are said to represent the diverse culture and history of the Muslim community.

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Riding the River Wild


Extremely shy and low-key, casual and sporting a goatee, Manix Abrera is the last person you’d imagine leading a cult. But he is—in a sense. The 30-year-old cartoonist is the creator of the “Kikomachine” comic strip, whose books are among the country’s best-sellers.

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The spa that Pinatubo built


Our 4 x 4 vehicle thudded along the scorched gravel road, forcefully freewheeling its way over the uneven terrain. The landscape was a sea of sunburned land and hills of towering ash set against a backdrop of a perfect blue sky.

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Airsoft’s die hard appeal


The bullets whizzed above my head and tore into the shrubs and tree branches as I slowly raised my head from the tangle of grass to seek out the rest of my companions. I knew the situation was dire, but I had no inkling it was practically hopeless. I realized I was on my own, the last person standing (or rather crawling) from our team of 10 who set out to test our airsoft mettle against Baguio’s veterans of the game.

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An over the top Valentine trip

TASTEFUL AND TASTY SOUVENIRS: Intricate beadwork by T'boli women and assorted tilapia dishes (Photo by Kara Santos)

The town of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is one of the Philippines’ hidden travel gems. Culture, nature and adventure-Lake Sebu has it all. Though it may not be the easiest place to get to, the town is rapidly gaining popularity as a tourist destination, thanks to its unique attractions.

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