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When does human life really begin?


The raging controversy between the pro- and anti-reproductive health (RH) law has pushed Supreme Court justices and legislators to ask the fundamental question of when life begins.

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Making the most of your 365 days


It’s no surprise that a majority of us fervently wish for a more thrilling life, one with adventure at every turn, with every single day as unpredictable and astounding as the next. It may sound exhausting, but it also seems a lot more fulfilling and rewarding than living life in a routine manner.

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And then there were four . . .


Tito Anding’s death on May 23 has brought the brothers’ bald head count to four—two older ones, and two younger—from the original nine born of Rafael Filomeno Gonzales Roces and Inocencia Reyes. It was very much like him, who always did things differently, to die out of turn and not follow the chronology of their […]

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