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All souls go to heaven


Today being All Souls’ Day, I wonder whether these prominent people—Lou Salvador with 97 children; Ramon Revilla Sr. with 72; Dolphy with only 18 children but never married to any of their six mothers; Rita Gomez with relatively fewer children but with different fathers for each; and even dictator Ferdinand Marcos with many claimant children—have been duly accepted in heaven despite their very unusual and so-called “immoral” lifestyles.

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Efren Ocampo: High on good living

Ocampo’s living room reveals his taste through the objects and colors he chooses to surround himself with—
everything is there for a reason. PHOTOS BY PJ ENRIQUEZ

The elevator was added only a few years ago. Since he moved into the building in 1996, Efren Ocampo had been climbing five flights of stairs to get to his apartment on the top floor. Although it was good exercise for him, it was hard when he had packages to carry up and down.

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Feeling sick? Let me ask–‘WHO is the matter with you?’

MINDY Perez-Rubio

Many are not aware of how important this is and, therefore, are unable to explain why their relationship with others is not the way they want it to be. They are sure it is the other party that is the culprit and cause of their problems.

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Living in the present and knowing God’s love is enough


One wise principle of spirituality is to live in the present moment and not be trapped in the past or fear for the future. Both entrapments are tools of the evil spirit.

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Revisiting Le Corbusier complex in Chandigarh, India


It was 1970. I went to India for the first time to see Chandigarh, a city that then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru built as the new capital of Punjab state. It was designed by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.

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