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New makeup for day to night, selfies

NEW BYS foundation primers prep the skin for makeup and makes blending a cinch.

Australian cosmetics brand BYS has just released eight innovative makeup products that are fun, fashionable and definitely affordable.

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A makeup geek’s picks

Ethnic necklace, Suiteblanco; black graphic top, SMWoman

It’s always good to keep an eye out for what’s new, and to be aware of what the trends are. This season’s newest finds are definitely interesting. Read on; we even tried some out for you to see.

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Handy makeup tricks for girls on the go

LUMINOUS Skin coupled with dramatic eye makeup PHOTO TAKEN FROM PINTEREST

All women are on a quest to look good. Women rely greatly on beauty products and cosmetics, but can be intimidated about how to apply make up correctly.

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Wushu, gymnastics, arnis, Muay Thai–don’t mess with Kylie Padilla

KYLIE Padilla takes after the guts and discipline of her famous father. NELSON MATAWARAN

Kylie Padilla lies on the floor with her knees bent. Then, by sheer core power and without any hands, she quickly jumps to her feet and slashes the space with a knee kick.

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Makeup transformations: There’s funny–and there’s ‘feeling’

MOM’S THEWORD. ICMendozamorphs into hismom.

Any woman who’s had a full face of makeup knows how transformative it can be. Applying makeup on a celebrity or model is child’s play for any makeup artist, like playing connect the dots on a gorgeously structured face. But the ability to transform a duckling into a swan is what makes the makeup artist a magician.

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