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Leave something off


It’s basically applying Coco Chanel’s adage to makeup: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

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The beautifully naked look–how to achieve it


I enjoy applying makeup. Not only do I feel better when I have it on, but I find the whole process of application even more interesting.

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Back to the ’90s

FROM LEFT:Moody Blooms Bred for Beauty blush, Artistic License eye shadow and Lust Extract lipstick

The 1990S was a curious fashion decade with its schoolgirl skirts and rugged, torn jeans.

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The most refreshing new trend: Do your own thing

DONNA Karan looks

I love makeup, and I really look forward to the new trends each season. Can you share with me the makeup trends for next season? I want to know what I should be wearing. Thanks.

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Makeup must-haves

ANNIE Ford Danielson of Benefit Cosmetics.

In 1976, sisters Jean and Jane Ford Danielson started a cosmetics business featuring “fake-its,” or products aimed to solve the common beauty woes of women. The boutique, originally called The Face Place, morphed 30 years later into Benefit Cosmetics, a brand known for its cheeky statements, pretty packaging, and products that have become must-haves in every woman’s vanity kit.

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