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Amazing advertising classics


The ’60s to the late ’80s were the golden years of Philippine advertising. I was in the right place at the right time. I was compulsively active as president and chief creative officer during those years.

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When push comes to shove


Being a jewelry designer and a newspaper columnist isn’t always easy for Mel Cuevas, with production schedules, sourcing for materials, marketing wares, deadlines and more stress-inducing matters.

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Giant swordfish, fresh (not frozen) pork, organic veggies and Echiré butter at Marketplace by Rustan’s


Fever and chills, catarrh and other ills kept me in bed for most of the week

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How to make a pitch

CHAMPION team for 2013

Much has been said about marketing and its importance in Friday’s undeniably consumerist world. Beyond being about advertising and going after the quick buck, marketing is essentially about exchanges and interactions between people, involving products, services and ideas.

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Want edge in bedroom? Try white tea, for once

A hot cup of Ceylon tea is better known as being soothing and relaxing, but Sri Lanka is now marketing its most profitable export as a luxury boost for the libido.

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