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A final salute to the Mandarin Oriental Manila

AWESOME FOURSOME: (From left, above) Chef Norbert Gandler, pastry chef Ernie Babaran, Mandarin executive chef Rene Ottlik and sous chef Kenneth Cacho. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The Mandarin, which closes this month, leaves us with many great memories.

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A tour of Bicol, by way of food


Under the expanse of a limitless sky and rocking in a speedboat on what seemed like an endless sea, I suddenly realized how insignificant our existence is.

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The chicken wars

Kyochon’s Honey Series Chicken (Contributed Photo)

It seems the Koreans have discovered the formula for world domination: Beat the Americans at their own game. Every game. First, technology. Samsung has proven to be a worthy adversary of Apple. Next, entertainment. Psy conquered the entertainment world with his YouTube hit and in no time had no less than the legendary Madonna gyrating with him onstage to Gangnam Style. And finally, food. Koreans are conquering the world one fried chicken franchise at a time with “the other KFC,” as in Korean Fried Chicken.

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New Food Mecca in the Metro


Sick and tired of Makati and The Fort? There’s a new restaurant hub in the Metro and it’s not as far as the State of Alabang. It’s Shaw Boulevard.

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The latest Spanish invasion


If there is anything that distinguishes Filipino cuisine from that of our Asian neighbors, it would be the heavy influence of Spanish gastronomy. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries that have distinctly light-textured yet very spicy recipes, we have heavier meals that veer towards the salty; saucy and sweet. This is in large part due to over 300 years of Spanish colonial rule and the osmosis of Spanish flavors into our own culinary lives. Hence, our love for flavors based on chili peppers, tomato sauce, garlic and onions.

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