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Motherhood–how does one do it?


Time spent at my daughter’s home in Florida has stirred memories when I was a working housewife in the United States and she was just a baby. As I watch her play her many roles and wear different hats, I am in awe of her stamina and dedication. I tell her: “You are like a juggler, keeping all the balls up in the air and not dropping a single one. How do you do it?”

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The ghosts of August


On Aug. 13,1990, I became, to Carlo, a first-time grandmother—Mamita. In that golden moment, all the ghostly aspects surrounding both the month of August and the number 13 lost their dreaded power to cause me harm or spook my luck.

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30 moms with advocacies, causes singled out and feted

PHILIPS Avent’s Circle of 30 Trusted Moms

Philips Avent, maker of baby products, has announced its Circle of 30 Trusted Moms.

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10 wardrobe musts for the fashionable mom-to-be

THE DUCHESS of Cambridge in a wrap dress and pumps. WWW.GLAMOUR.COM

What a relief to be pregnant in this era! Gone are the days when maternity fashion meant wearing dresses that resembled our grandmother’s “daster” and made any mom-to-be look more like a house than an ordinary pregnant woman! Nowadays, with the right pieces and accessories, pregnant women are looking just as chic as the rest of the population.

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Who are the ‘millennials’ and why are they like that–and why not?

BOB Zozobrado

They’re constantly tweeting, taking selfies, texting. They’re spoiled, narcissistic, always seeking attention. They’re easily bored and can’t stay put in one job. Doted on and their whims indulged while growing up, they have a strong sense of entitlement.

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