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30 moms with advocacies, causes singled out and feted

PHILIPS Avent’s Circle of 30 Trusted Moms

Philips Avent, maker of baby products, has announced its Circle of 30 Trusted Moms.

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10 wardrobe musts for the fashionable mom-to-be

THE DUCHESS of Cambridge in a wrap dress and pumps. WWW.GLAMOUR.COM

What a relief to be pregnant in this era! Gone are the days when maternity fashion meant wearing dresses that resembled our grandmother’s “daster” and made any mom-to-be look more like a house than an ordinary pregnant woman! Nowadays, with the right pieces and accessories, pregnant women are looking just as chic as the rest of the population.

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Who are the ‘millennials’ and why are they like that–and why not?

BOB Zozobrado

They’re constantly tweeting, taking selfies, texting. They’re spoiled, narcissistic, always seeking attention. They’re easily bored and can’t stay put in one job. Doted on and their whims indulged while growing up, they have a strong sense of entitlement.

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A quick guide to safe pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. It is a life-changing event that affects not only the physical health of the mother but also the lifestyle of the whole family.

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Breastfeeding doesn’t just happen–you’ve got to prepare for it


During one’s pregnancy, there are many things to think about and plan for. At the start, with nine months to prepare, the list of “things to do” is usually set aside with the idea that “it’s too early.” But you may find yourself rushing everything in the last two minutes.

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