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Bottom of the barrel

“MY KET Rejecting a Yellow Mouse,” art by GCF 2008

My cat Mimi needs a facelift. She is now 77 years old by cat years (11 x 7). I didn’t realize till today that cats, too, show signs of aging. The hair sticking out of Mimi’s ears have turned white, also faded about her whiskers and ears.

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In love with calligraphy


Fozzy Castro-Dayrit has always been fascinated with letters and writing. “Arts and letters and words have always been my outlet and my source of happiness. I was one of those kids who had every color of pen possible in an impossibly crammed pencil case.” In high school, classmates would ask her to write their names on their binders and notebooks, using her different styles. “I liked drawing fat letters and skinny ones and swirly ones,” Fozzy said.

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