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‘If I Stay’: Young Adult novel on life and death now a movie

“IF I STAY” is an out-of-body romantic drama.

An out-of-body experience situates Mia Hall (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) in a fork path that forces her to choose between pursuing her musical dreams and following the path to love.

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‘Hercules’: Graphic novel now a movie

DWAYNE Johnson stars as the Greek mythological hero.

Larger-than-life Greek Hercules returns to the big screen, this time based on Steve Moore’s graphic novel “Hercules: The Thracian Wars.”

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J.K. Rowling returns to detective work with ‘The Silkworm’


At first glance, Cormoran Strike sounds like a Frankenstein’s Monster of character qualities: imaginatively named, dedicated private investigator, missing half of one leg due to military service in Afghanistan, unwanted son of a rock star, armed with an uncanny memory, physically intimidating but internally sensitive. In the hands of a lesser writer, Strike would be a cardboard cutout. Luckily, J.K. Rowling can really write.

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Isabel Allende plays a deadly game in ‘Ripper’


As far as high-concept foundations for a novel are concerned, the idea at the heart of Isabel Allende’s “Ripper: A Novel” (translated from the Spanish by Ollie Brock and Frank Wynne, HarperCollins, New York, 2014, 478 pages) is quite intriguing.

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Review: Stephen King’s terror automobile


Stephen King knows a thing or two about terrifying automobiles. Most frightening is the possessed titular Plymouth Fury in 1983’s “Christine,” later memorably adapted for the scary screen by John Carpenter. In 2002, King’s novel “From a Buick 8” featured a classic car that served as a doorway to another dimension.

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