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Japanese artist masters a color of near-disappearance

NOBUHIKO Terasawa with his grand-scale work in gold foil and graphite on canvas

Japanese aesthetic is known for its minimalism and fineness of detail. Its concept of beauty some may find very strange indeed, if not at all distorted. Others may find an artwork facile, yet on closer inspection, one realizes how really hard it is to create.

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Lanuza takes cue from Andy Warhol in new exhibit


Pop art takes imagery from popular culture, mass media and advertising, and isolates them within the context of art history to cull new and original meaning. Artist Andy Warhol was a master of this particular take on art—with a practice that famously includes paintings of Campbell soup cans and Brillo boxes.

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‘Anonymous’: Behind Modesto’s dark humor

“Mirror and Face"

A classic test of a brand—whether a product, person or place—is its enduring imperviousness to change. Though the product or the person may have undergone its own organic changes, the interrogative inevitably arises: Is it perception or reality?

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There goes the NeighborHOOD


He likes to capture the “beauty of struggle,” or so says Chicago-based Filipino-American artist Cesar Conde.

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Art workshops by Fernando Sena

Painter Fernando B. Sena is holding his art workshops on drawing and painting at the following venues:

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