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Agustin Goy’s art of the ballet

“A Terre”

Agustin Goy’s ballet paintings, which were shown during ManilArt 2014, herald the marriage of two art disciplines; his brushstrokes echo the stringent demands of classical ballet.

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Second wind: Tessa Mendoza revives her passion for painting


The canvases of artist Tessa Mendoza are large and textured. Raised portions hint at a passion for the medium or the subject matter. When she paints, she likes using old brushes, painting spatulas and even her hands; she literally leaves her handprints on everything she makes and touches.

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Finally–Michael Williams in concert

“IT’S GOING to have an almost nightclub feel,”
says Williams of his upcoming concert.

Any theater buff knows of the world-class, triple-threat talent that is Michael Williams, which made him a natural choice for the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ next concert under the “Triple Threats: Leading Men and Women of Philippine Musical Theater” series.

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Japanese artist masters a color of near-disappearance

NOBUHIKO Terasawa with his grand-scale work in gold foil and graphite on canvas

Japanese aesthetic is known for its minimalism and fineness of detail. Its concept of beauty some may find very strange indeed, if not at all distorted. Others may find an artwork facile, yet on closer inspection, one realizes how really hard it is to create.

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Lanuza takes cue from Andy Warhol in new exhibit


Pop art takes imagery from popular culture, mass media and advertising, and isolates them within the context of art history to cull new and original meaning. Artist Andy Warhol was a master of this particular take on art—with a practice that famously includes paintings of Campbell soup cans and Brillo boxes.

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