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Spicy garlic ‘lechon’ and more Christmas food goodies


With Christmas parties having started this past week alone, I had General’s spicy garlic lechon three times.

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2014 best list: Holiday food-to-go


Getting ready for Christmas is a big part of the fun of the holidays, especially if you know where to get the most delicious dishes for your dinner table.

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Healthy eating tips in a season of abundance

PORRIDGE ingredients: 1) Astragalus membranaceus–Astragalus roots; 2) red
dates–hong zao; 3) Lycii fructus–wolfberry fruit; 4) Coicis semen–coix seed or Job’s
tears seed; 5) Nelumbinis semen–lotus seed; 6) wild yam–huai shan; 7) Euryales
semen–euryale seed

A few months back Angelo Songco, the owner of Sugarleaf (a wellness café and health food store) sent me an invite to a cancer talk. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, I was in correspondence with Edward Puno, Fuda Cancer Hospital coordinator for the Philippines.

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My Christmas gift suggestion list for 2014


It’s that time of the year again when most of us will dig into our pocket of excuses or justifications to indulge in festive eating. Let the diet take a backseat while we enjoy the wonderful food that various parties will offer.

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Festive Provençal jams–perfect for the holiday season

PROVENÇAL coffret with bottles: New fruit jam line with decorative

Recently we were virtually transported to Provence, a southeastern region in France, with the introduction of a new line of The Fruit Garden Luxury Jam.

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